Diploma of Professional Game Development

Game Programming Diploma will guide you through the development process of video games across multiple platforms. Students will begin their study with programming theories and techniques shared in all programming diciplines and advance to game-specific engine (Unity). Our curriculum focuses on C# programming, ranging from building the gameplay to implementing networking and AI. In the end, students will have the skills required to be either valued members of established game studio or striving indie game developers.

Admission selection for Game Programming Diploma program is based on:

  • Interview – In the interview we are assessing your suitability for the program including any specific requirements you may have.
  • Examination – we are looking for evidence of capability in problem solving which is demonstrated through the exam.

An applicant must be a high school graduate or have received a high school equivalency diploma for initial acceptance into Gemistry Academy.

Day and Time:
Rp. 8.000.000,00
  • FREE Samsung Smartphone
  • FREE Snacks and Drinks
  • FREE Learning Material

Amount listed is the total of tuition and material fees for the two-year complete program of the 2017/2018 academic year. Fees are subject to change.

Need help with tuition costs?
4X installments plan is available, or find out how to apply for a scholarship in the FAQ page.

Programming Fundamentals

This term introduces core concepts of programming and problem solving processes. Starting by writing simple programs, students will eventually establish solid understanding of how programming works.

Advanced Programming

This term puts emphasis on Object Orientation Programming that will be written and debugged in C#. It covers advanced techniques in C# that are applied in real-world game programming practices.

Introduction to Unity™

Learn the fundamentals and essential pipelines of Unity for production. Students will take their programming skills into implementation and start crafting their first game by using Unity engine.

Game Design Essentials

Students will be exposed to major game designs across several genres. They will observe existing mechanics and attempt to reproduce them both in documentation and in code.

2D Game Making

Look into the basics of 2D game programming perspective. With the use of programs and graphics development tools, students will be introduced to and be able to implement 2D asset inside their game.

3D Game Making

Learn how to incorporate 3D asset into the game development work-flow and take part in mock game projects where student will attempt to learn many parts of the 3D game development process.

AI and Networking

This term will synthesize the theories and concepts of multiplayer and artificial intelligence inside a game. Students will apply algorithms for AI behavior and pathfinding mechanism.

Portfolio Preparation

The creation of completed simple games. Team up with other students as they apply game design, asset, and programming techniques to complete a simple game project.

Professional Internship

In cooperation with established game development company, Students will simulate game production processes such as prototyping GDD, producing assets, and writing code to produce completed games.

Creative education linked to the industry.Gemistry

At the end of Diploma Program, our employment staff will give students assistance for job hunting, giving careful personal coaching on how to write personal resume, interviewing tips, production and presentation of career-making portfolios. We will also give tips regarding creative company qualification in Indonesia that are advantageous to employment as well. Gemistry will actively support students in building career in the creative industry.