Have questions about Gemistry? Check out our FAQ section below to learn more about how Gemistry will help you achieve your dream. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact Gemistry office at 0812-23-666-048 or mail us at info@gemistry.net.

Gemistry Academy is based in Bandung, and it is currently the first and foremost professional creative school in Indonesia; a specialized place to study for career in game development, digital art, and comic. Useful skills and practical principles are taught here; a creative education that offers you a chance to develop your talent and acquire skills sought by the creative marketplace.

The mission of the school is clear. Gemistry Academy prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of game development, arts, and comic by delivering excellent diploma degrees programs and portfolio development programs.

Please visit our school or contact us; everyday (10:00 – 17:00 except national holidays).

Applications for enrollment are accepted anytime during the year. Since acceptance is based on an individual student’s own capabilities and potentials, upon receipt of the application, arrangements will be made for the interview procedure and submission of a portfolio.

  • An applicant must be a high school graduate or have received a high school equivalency diploma for initial acceptance into Gemistry Academy.
  • An official high school transcript must be sent to the school prior to enrollment.
  • An applicant who resides a considerable distance from the school may be accommodated with a telephone/video call interview.
  • A proficiency examination may be required.
Yes. There will be an entrance examination and interview arrangement. We need to assess your suitability for the program and we are looking for evidence of basic capability which is demonstrated through the exam.
Our Creative Diploma Programs are for people with some basic experience in drawing and programming. You should have at least some basic level of problem solving capability (for Game Programming Diploma) and figure drawing skill (for Digital Illustration Diploma). There will be an entrance exam. If you do not have the skills necessary for that particular program, it is suggested that you watch some fundamental of figure drawing or practice problem-solving test frequently.
Individual classrooms are generally limited to a maximum of 10 students so applicants are urged to apply early. And since creative education is based on an individual student’s own capabilities and potentials, gemistry aims to keep the learning process as personal as possible
Gemistry aims to achieve an academic-industrial connection that provides ideal professional education. We ensure practical education learning from professionals by interacting with companies from the time you are a student. Beyond that, Gemistry provides students:

  • A professional curriculum that anticipates the needs of the industry.
  • Special lectures by working professionals who are active in the industry
  • Internship programs with established creative companies
The school will actively support you to get your dream job. Our staff will give careful personal coaching for everything from how to write your personal resume, interviewing tips, and the production and presentation of your career portfolio. We will give complete support regarding tactics for company qualifications that are advantageous to employment as well.
To those who are talented but lack of funding, Gemistry offers full 2 years diploma program scholarship. Please visit our school for more information.