Learn how to make interactive games without coding!

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to make interactive story based games, but doesnt’ know how to code. If you’re an artist, illustrator or writer and want to make interactive storytelling games, this course is exactly what you need. At the end of the course, you will have a full working knowledge of unity interface and be able to create narrative story games, visual novel, point and click adventures, and hidden object games.

This course is well suited for complete beginner, as well as intermediate individual aiming to learn how to create good visual novel.
Day and Time
Saturday (13:00 – 15:00).

2 hours per session.

Course Length
1 month (4 sessions) per level. One session per week.


Amount listed is the total of tuition and material fees for the complete course. Fees are subject to change.

Level 1
Visual Novel Core

4 Sessions

We look at the core of visual novel and build our own. Learn how to import assets, create dialogues, add branches to our story, and put character portraits.

Level 2
Visual Scripting

4 Sessions

Here you will learn visual scripting to improve the mechanic of your visual novel by utilizing variables and logic flow. This requires zero programming skill.

Level 3
Storywriting 101

4 Sessions

Understand the basics of how to build a story: an introduction to scripting for visual novel, adding story branches & making good ending.

Level 4
Asset Creation

4 Sessions

Learn how to create assets. Understand how to make assets like sprite, background, adding animation and create astonishing CG illustration.

Level 4
User Interface

4 Sessions

Understand the principles of user experience and start designing the UI for your VN while receiving one-on-one feedback from the instructor.

Level 6

4 Sessions

Learn the business: an overview of the current state of the Art in visual novel-publishing, building a fanbase, and start making money.

Creative education linked to the industry.Gemistry

Gemistry provides an ideal environment for creators. Professionally experienced instructors will thoroughly teach you everything from the fundamentals to advanced tips and tricks. And since you learn from professionals, even though you are a beginner, by the end of the crash course you will gain skills that are ready to be used immediately.