RPG 101

Create Your First RPG Game!

RPG 101 enables you to create a simple 2D RPG game using the powerful Unity game engine. This course will cover the basics of production, as well as the various features and functions of an RPG game. During the course students will examine the elements of RPG game and attempt to produce them in the same fashion. By the end of this course, students will be well versed in making simple RPG game and gained powerful knowledge and techniques that will give them the ability to convey story through exciting medium of RPG.

Intermediate coders or have completed level 2 course Game Development 101.
Day and Time
Saturday and Sunday (13:00 – 15:00)

2 hours per session.

Course Length
2 months (16 sessions). Two sessions per week.


Amount listed is the total of tuition and material fees for the complete course. Fees are subject to change.

Introduction to Unity™

Introduction to Unity ecosystem. Get familiar with the basics of writing C# scripts in Unity and its interface.

Character Control

Set up the player character and get him moving! You will be implementing simple movement script and animate your character.

Event Handler

Learn how to create event handler. Understand the way to handle events in your game and incorporate them into interactable object trigger.

Combat System

Build hack and slash-style combat to make gameplay more engaging. Find out different type of enemy behaviors and learn to make ones.

User Interface

Take a closer look at Unity’s User Interface system. Create menus and head-up display while maintaining consistent user experience in your game.

Dialogue System

Learn how to create dialogue system. Discover the technique to present your story through the usage of dialog and narration.

Quest System

Start integrating your story into the game to make it more adventurous. Understand different types of quests and how they are created.

Save and Load Data

Present basic concept of saving and loading data within Unity. Know different ways to keep your data persistent even after quitting the game.

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