5 PR Tips for Mobile Game Developers



PR tips and tricks that will help you secure the press coverage you need

Are you launching your iOS or Android game soon? Do you want the press to cover your latest game launch?

You can get your games secure coverage on Mashable, Touch Arcade, AppAdvice and more. And in this post, I’ll share the PR tips and tricks that will help you secure the press coverage you desire.

Choosing the correct day of the week to launch can literally make or break your coverage.

Avoid launching on Monday, Friday or the weekend.

Mondays are generally too crowded from the weekend and big companies generally like to make their announcements in the beginning of the week to create a long news cycle. Traffic on Fridays and the weekend usually go down so launching on those days mean that you get less visibility.

If you are an indie developer without much social proof, then you should target Tuesday or Wednesday for your launch. Thursday tends to be the busiest day, because that’s when Apple refreshes the App Store and the big game publishers release their apps on that day.

In short, releasing your app on a Thursday means that you’re competing with the big boys and you are far less likely to get covered.

However, if you are fortunate enough to get an Apple feature, they will likely want you to launch on Thursday.

Out of all the marketing dollars you can spend I think your best investment is in a great looking video.

A well-executed game trailer has many benefits:

  • Reporters judge the quality of your game based on the quality of your video.
  • Reporters can quickly see what your game is all about.
  • Many reporters embed the video in their coverage of your game.

Try to keep the video around 30 to 60 seconds long and show the key differences in your app.

Think of the video as a movie trailer that will entice the viewer to want to download the app. It’s marketing collateral, not a game play video.

Different publications have different style guides, so having a press kit allows the reporter to have everything he or she needs to create the article easily. From AppAdvice’s use of high-resolution photos to TouchArcade’s utilization of the app icon to Mashable’s inclusion of two of your App Store screenshots, each publication has their own way of presenting an app review.

Here are the things you should include in your press kit:

  • High-resolution icon (1024×1024)
  • Review guide with a founder’s quote
  • App Store Screenshots (the ones that you submit to iTunes or Google Play)
  • Lifestyle screenshots to show the app in action. I use Placeit.net for these.
  • Screenshots of just the app (no marketing language whatsoever)

We typically create a zip file that contains everything above and use Dropbox to share it with the reporters.

Reporters are bombarded with pitches every day, so really spend the time to craft a compelling pitch. This does take time, but when you finally hit an interesting angle it can make all the difference.

Here are a few ways that we like to create interesting pitches:

  • Exclusive: Give a big publication the exclusive on your announcement. This means that you do NOT reach out to other publications until the article is published.
  • Become a Stalker: I know that Mashable’s Karissa is a San Diego Chargers fan, Carter from Touch Arcade loves baseball and the Rangers, and I know that Brandy from Social Times likes to include founder quotes in her app reviews. When I include these tidbits in my pitch, I’m able to dramatically stand out.
  • Piggyback Off a Well-Known Product: Using a well-known app in your subject line allows the reporter to instantly know what your app is about. Whenever we’ve used this strategy, our open rates doubled. Here are a few examples we’ve used that have landed press:
    • If Flappy Bird was an astronaut
    • Farmville meets Candy Crush
    • Snapchat meets Yik Yak

It’s also important to format your email pitches in a readable manner with bullets, bold-face and italics. I outline my exact email pitch format in this blog post.

With the popularity of game play videos exploding, YouTube is a huge opportunity to get tremendous amounts of downloads for your app. In fact, the FGTeeV YouTube Channel is where my 7-year-old son finds out about the apps that he downloads.

You can contact YouTubers by navigating to the “About” tab on their channel. Some YouTubers have their contact information on there. If not, then you can click the “Send message” button and make your pitch through the YouTube messaging system.

Getting press coverage for your mobile game launch can have a big impact on downloads. Follow the simple tips above and you will be able to make your pitch stand out and land coverage on your favorite gaming publication.

This article was originally published on Chupa Mobile.