Gemistry Academy provides creative diploma programs and various individual crash courses with professional learning curriculum to help students reach their goal in the creative industry. We welcome and encourage any kind of students to enroll in our degree and non-degree program. You can learn game programming, digital illustration, comic drawing, storywriting, and many other creative skill. Our curriculum is distinguished by our innovative approach to technology. With a balance of creative education and software based technical training, Gemistry Academy offer students an extensive and in-depth skill set relevant to the demands of Indonesia creative industry.

Gemistry Academy is based in Bandung, and it is currently the first creative school in Indonesia; a specialized place to study for career in game development, digital art, and comic. Useful skills and practical principles are taught here; a creative education that offers you a chance to develop your talent and acquire skills sought by the creative marketplace.

The mission of the school is clear. Gemistry Academy prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of game development, arts, and comic by delivering excellent diploma, training, and portfolio development programs.

The Gemistry Creative Program consists of three program which prepare students to become contributors to the creative industry: The Game Programming Diploma, the Digital Illustration Diploma, and the Comic Drawing Diploma.

  • Game Programming: which aims to cultivate talents capable of developing games for multiple platforms such as web, console, PC and mobile devices.
  • Digital Illustration: which pursues a high level of competency in creating  art and animation for video games.
  • Comic Drawing: investigating the creative sphere of the comic, manga, and graphic novel, and how to enrich readers through storytelling.

Here students will pursue deeper creative expression and research matching their own styles, with the main thrust placed on establishing high levels of work. The tutors are professionals from every field, working to refine not only simple technicalities but also ideas of design as creativity in communication.

You can do Online Registration or visit our school on saturday and sunday (10:00 – 12:00 except national holidays).

Applications for enrollment are accepted anytime during the year. Since acceptance is based on an individual student’s own capabilities and potentials, upon receipt of the application, arrangements will be made for the interview procedure and submission of a portfolio.

  • An applicant must be a high school graduate or have received a high school equivalency diploma for initial acceptance into Gemistry Academy.
  • An official high school transcript must be sent to the school prior to enrollment.
  • An applicant who resides a considerable distance from the school may be accommodated with a telephone/video call interview.
  • A proficiency examination may be required.

*Classrooms are generally limited to a maximum of 10 students and applicants are urged to apply early.